Currency of Change. A poem by T. Balogun

Poem written by T. Balogun for the WRC Currency of Change Conference on the 7th of June 2024 Read more

Women’s Resource Centre CEO Vivienne Hayes recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours List 2024

Vivienne Hayes has been recognised in the King’s Birthday Honours List published at the weekend for services to Social Justice. Read more

Currency of Change - vibrancy and inspiration at WRC's annual conference!

Summary of WRC's annual women's sector leadership conference, June 2024. Read more

Countdown to WRC's Second Annual Women's Sector Leadership Conference

WRC will be in Manchester on June 7th for a day of inspiration, collaboration, and empowerment in partnership with Alternative Women's Economy (AWE) Manchester Women's Network at our second annual Women's Sector Leadership Conference. Read more

Unlocking Your Full Potential: Shenel's Journey through Feminist Leadership Training

From practical insights to diverse perspectives, hear from Shenel, a previous participant in our Feminist Leadership Training programme. Read more

Using Your Voice in the Upcoming Elections

Politics can often feel like a boys' club - but WRC want to encourage more women's voices in the decisions that matter to us! Read more

Meet the Author: Blouse an’ Skirt, Babe!!!’, by T. Balogun

Tunde “T.” Balogun takes us on a journey through the inspiration behind her debut poetry collection, "Blouse an’ Skirt, Babe!!!". Read more

WRC response to "no immediate injection of funding" for charities from Labour government

CEO Vivienne Hayes responds to a news article published by Civil Society that there will be no "immediate injection of funding" from a Labour government for charities. Read more