WRC is the leading national umbrella organisation for the women’s sector. WRC’s membership and networks include predominantly small local specialist women’s organisations and therefore we need to always be relevant to their needs by rooting our work in intersectionality.

WRC strives to give voice to the most marginalised and disadvantaged organisations and is working towards transformational and substantive equality for women. We understand women’s inequality to be both structural and systemic and we push for empowerment in its true sense by supporting women and women’s organisations to achieve their full potential.

WRC is also relevant to wider audiences such as individual women, students, voluntary and community organisations, funders, local and national government, journalists, unions and larger charitable organisations that manage projects related to women.

"Research consistently demonstrates that the best guarantee to secure and protect women’s rights is the independent action of women’s movements and organisations. Decision makers need to adequately resource the local specialist women’s organisations that provide cost effective, high quality support for the most disadvantaged"

Vivienne Hayes MBE, WRC CEO


Feminism, sustainability, collaboration, professionalism, equality and integrity

All women are empowered and have substantive equality

Supporting and standing up for a diverse and thriving women’s sector

WRC is committed to ensuring that our values are embedded throughout our organisation and are reflected in all of our work.

Our six core values are:


WRC firmly believes that strengthening the women’s sector helps challenge discrimination against women and improves women’s lives. WRC will actively challenge any discrimination against women within our own organisation and others. We also believe women have the right to self-determination and bodily integrity and  must be trusted to make their own choices about their sexual and reproductive health and rights. This is why we are pro-choice.


WRC will proactively work with, learn from and support other equalities organisations and will ensure our work is based on an equalities framework.


WRC will constantly strive to provide a high quality service, be an effective communicator and ensure continuous organisational learning and development.


WRC acknowledges the expertise of women’s and other organisations and will work collaboratively to address women's inequality. We will ensure that our activities and information are accessible to all.


WRC will work in an open, honest, accountable and transparent way with staff, volunteers, members and other stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

WRC will strive to reduce our waste and carbon emissions through consuming less, recycling, using non-toxic and biodegradable products and purchasing from local suppliers. Where possible, we will purchase services from women’s organisations/businesses and use sustainable, locally sourced, fair-trade and organic goods.