The WRC Women’s Building will be a transformational space for women and girls. Created by and for women’s organisations, this ambitious project will unlock women’s potential for leadership and nurture their creativity, providing women-only safe spaces.

The Women’s Building will serve as a beacon for the feminist principles of empowerment, solidarity, and sustainability, which are the cornerstones of the UK women’s sector. With women’s services rapidly depleting, there is unequivocal support across the sector forthe security of a Women’s Building. The need is apparent. The groundwork has been done; the baseline funding is in place.

The moment is now for this bold initiative to go from well-constructed concept to physical reality.

A legacy starts here.

What will the building achieve?

This building will help the women’s sector maintain independence and reduce reliance on current funding models, which are precarious and problematic, by providing a blueprint for the future.

A Women’s Building would be a resource for the women’s sector to:

  • Promote the value and leadership of women and women-only spaces
  • Be a home for WRC and other women’s organisations
  • Promote cross-pollination, growth and solidarity amongst women
  • Be financially and environmentally sustainable
  • Be a legacy for the often invisible lifesaving work of women’s organisations
  • Become a ‘lighthouse’ for the promotion of women’s human rights
  • Be a building that embodies women’s potential
  • Support the delivery of services for women and children

Women’s organisations have been delivering specialist expert services led by and for women for 40 years. It’s time we secured a legacy for our sector.

Over more than a decade of expert-led scoping exercises and targeted research, WRC has identified the following priority areas for social impact:
  • Contributing to the survival of vital women’s services
  • Establishing environmental and financial sustainability principles
  • Supporting women’s start ups and social enterprises
  • Committing to positive engagement with the local community
Feasibility studies have:
  • Conducted needs analysis and scoping research
  • Assessed financial viability
  • Evaluated philanthropic giving and capital appeal
  • Identified opportunities for sourcing the building in London
  • Calculated estimated figures for costs and space
  • Produced a case for support for the Women’s Building
  • Identified target groups of Women’s Building users
  • Produced an income generation plan for the centre hire and tenancy

At a time of immense political and funding uncertainty, demand for a quality space for small-to-medium women’s organisations to meet and work has been conclusively established.

WRC's three interconnected core service areas are complementary, if not synonymous, with a women's building.

Baroness Gould, a global advocate for the rights of women and children:

"I have worked with WRC on their invaluable work and support for women in this country. I give my full support for WRC in their vision for a centre for the cultural development of women."

Hadeel Ibrahim, philanthropist and founding executive director of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation:

"I support WRC’s crucial work and am a firm supporter of their vision for a self-sustaining women’s building for culture and development."

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