The Newcastle group of Feminist Leaders is a group of women who participated in the Feminist Leadership programme in 2020. As their Social Action project, they created a toolbox with a rich variety of exercises and tools for training on wellbeing and increased confidence. 

Check out the toolbox below! Look at the resources, use them in your work or in your personal life. If you have any comments or feedback you would like to share, please let us know! For any feedback, comments or questions, please contact Evelina on [email protected].

Women's Empowerment Toolbox

Women Role Models
Personal Organisation

2 truths and a lie and Something interesting

Postcards + collage

Collage activity; Poetry activity, and; Self-portraits Art Project

Women Role Models exercise

Budgeting - template

Personal organisation activity

Public speaking

Public speaking workshop

30 day self-care challenge

Self-care and positive mental health

Self-care: Cup and Kettle

Self-esteem workshop exercises

Activities to close a session

Artwork done by Tinuke Illustration (@tinuke.illustration)

Who are the Newcastle group of Feminist Leaders?


Hey! My names Amy. I work for Independent Domestic Abuse Service (IDAS) in North Yorkshire. We work with those who have been subject to abuse; ensuring their safety, providing practical and emotional support and empowering them to move forward and recover. I am inspired everyday by those working for IDAS and those bravely reaching out for support. I am hugely grateful to have worked with this team to produce this Women’s Empowerment Toolbox and really do hope you find it useful.

What I do to look after myself: Walking my dog or climbing ridiculously tall hills/mountains (and regretting immediately).


My Name is Anna. I work for the participation and services team at Young Women’s Trust . I find real joy from helping support women and seeing them reach their full potential. Everyday I learn new things and am inspired by women around me. I hope this tool box is useful to women's groups and that the activities can help women feel more motivated, empowered and confident.

What I do to look after myself: Once a week I run a bath shut the door and put on a funky blue face mask.


Hi! My name is Demi and I am a student social worker. I was lucky enough to be put forward for the Feminist Leadership Course by my work placement - Women’s Health in South Tyneside (WHIST). WHIST is a women only charity organisation working to promote the mental and physical wellbeing of women in South Tyneside. The organisation takes a holistic approach to the wellbeing of women and they are able to access a range of free services such as: relaxation sessions, exercise classes and personal development courses which run over 10 weeks. I hope that the toolkit will be accessible for all women and that they will enjoy what we as a group have developed through our shared experience of working with women!

What I do to look after myself: I enjoy having a bath, going for walks and doing yoga :) 


Hiya! My name is Emma I'm the Additional Needs Project Worker at the Blossom Project in Stockton-on-Tees. We work with young women aged 16-25 years who have a range of diagnosed/undiagnosed disabilities, learning disabilities or learning difficulties. We provide practical and emotional support through one to one sessions, drop-ins, peer support sessions and outreach. Every day I learn from the young women we support as they explore their aspirations, overcome challenges and learn new skills. It is great to celebrate their achievements within the project.

It has been wonderful to work with women from a range of organisations to create the Women's Empowerment Toolbox as part of our social action project through the Feminist Leadership training programme delivered by Women's Resource Centre. We hope the activities make a difference to the lives of young women you are supporting.

What I do to look after myself: I enjoy going to circus classes and hanging upside down on an aerial hoop. As well as putting my headphones on and listening to my favourite music when going for a walk. I also love a good cup of tea!


Over the last year, I have had the pleasure of working as a Regional Peer Researcher with the McPin Foundation on the evaluation of a project called ‘Women Side by Side’, funded by Mind (the mental health charity) and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk. This was a peer support programme responding to the needs of women experiencing multiple disadvantage, which means women experiencing several issues at once such as mental health problems, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, abuse and violence, and contact with the criminal justice system. The 12 month programme funded organisations to facilitate peer support initiatives, delivered for and by women, in a safe, women-only environment. My role involved working as part of the evaluation team for Women Side by Side, looking at the impact of peer support on women’s mental health and wellbeing, focusing on the projects in the North East of England. Alongside my McPin work, I worked for ApnaGhar as a Centre Coordinator, a Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women’s organisation in South Tyneside. When I became part of the Women’s Side by Side evaluation team, I was a Project Leader in ApnaGhar which was one of the projects supported by the programme. In both my roles, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping women to share their experiences and build support networks, empowering them to become bigger than their struggles and combat the stigma of discussing them. I hope you enjoy using this toolkit as much as we have putting it together.

What I do to look after myself: I love to wind down with my favourite teas and home-made treats, surrounded by family and friends. I also love a ‘girly’ pamper night with my daughters.


My name is Kimberley and I work as a Regional Development Manager for an organisation called GFS which has a focus on empowering girls and young women in a safe, female only space. I am proud of this ongoing project, that the team I have been a part of have created and hope you enjoy it! 

What I do to look after myself: My favourite self care activity would be long walks in nature.


Hi! My name is Mahida, I am a project coordinator for a BAME women’s charity called Network Aspire and also work as a community development worker for an organisation called CREST Ltd (Not the toothpaste brand!) both situated in south Tyneside. I have a real passion for community engagement and have been in the field for over 5 years now both in the public and voluntary sector. I’ve always had confidence issues since being a little child, but through opportunities, experience and support I was able to come out my shell and start to explore my potential. I hope that this confidence building toolbox provides many more women like me the tools needed to become confident, strong and empowered women.

What I do to look after myself: I love a good heart to heart with my sisters when things are becoming a bit much! And also love to write my thoughts down in a journal every morning to start me off for the day.


Hello my name is Surajah. I work part time as a paedriatic nurse. I am also involved in the following groups as a volunteer.

• I am a Board Member of Apna Ghar, a minority ethnic women's centre is based in South Shields. Apna Ghar, has been supporting the Black Asian Minority Ethnic Community for over 33 years. The centre is unique as is run by and for minority ethnic women. A wide range of opportunities are provided and this helps to develop confidence and empower women to recognise their full potential whilst allowing them to maintain their cultural identity.
• I volunteer at New Hope North East gives support to disabled children/young people and their families by breaking barriers which prevent them accessing educational, social, economic, health and wellbeing provisions. They also support the young to have their voices heard and to enjoy life.
• I am one of the parent representatives at South Tyneside council employment sub group and Transition group for young people with additional needs. We, representatives as the voice for parents who are not confident and they themselves have special needs. Our representation helps influence decision and policy making.
• I am involved with HealthNet is a platform where public and volunteer sectors come together. It gives members and residents an opportunity to express concerns, look at local issues regarding health and social care, new initiatives and developments, consultation on new ideas and share best practice.

I am confident that the toolkit could be used by all the groups I am involved with, helping them with their self-esteem, confidence and empowering them to face and deal with issues in a positive way.

What I do to look after myself:
I enjoy family time, going to my yoga class, walks by the beach, meeting up with family and friends.


A big thank you to the Newcastle cohort of Feminist Leaders! Your dedication, leadership, commitment and passion has been amazing to follow and is clearly translated into this fantastic toolbox.