Member spotlight: Routes

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Member Spotlight: Hopscotch Asian Women's Centre

Illuminating their work and hearing from the CEO on the 'Crisis Within A Crisis'. Read more

One hundred and one women of Govanhill, an interview with Rizwana Saeed

Rizwana Saeed is a women’s rights activist and project coordinator for the Feel Good Women’s Group based in Govanhill Glasgow. Rizwana talks to Joanna Zawadzka - Campaigns and Engagement Officer at Zero Tolerance - about how she transformed her life through community activism, and her work to alleviate the struggles of Ethnic Minority women. Read more

No Recourse to Public Funds: Old Weapons, New Injuries

Sumac Antezana works with Ubuntu Women Shelter to provide wrap-around, specialist support and solidarity to womxn with no recourse to public funds facing destitution. They facilitate workshops on racism in public health, and the gendered effects of the hostile environment. Read more

Woman to Woman: We Got This

Lauryn Omeike is a 19-year-old student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland studying Financial Economics. Lauryn's mother grew up in Scotland and her father is Nigerian and moved to the UK in 1995. She would describe herself as a self-assured and positive woman with a lot of ambition, however she wasn’t always like that and as a young girl was closed off and it has taken time to get to where she is today. Read more

Why Intersectionality Matters: BAME Women in Leadership Roles

Aleisha Omeike is a 19 year old university student and an intersectional feminist, passionate about empowering everyone. In her free time she enjoys writing and doing research about the things of interest. Aleisha is going into her third year studying psychology, she is committed to achieving her goals regardless of her skin colour or gender. Read more

Free 1-1 Fundraising Sessions for women's charities

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WRC statement on racism & the global movement for change

To be a feminist, you must be anti-racist. Liberation for only some, is not liberation. Read more