Free 1-1 Fundraising Sessions for women's charities

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WRC statement on racism & the global movement for change

To be a feminist, you must be anti-racist. Liberation for only some, is not liberation. Read more

An update on the Tampon Tax Fund 2020/21

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DDCMS) have announced that the application deadline for this round of funding has been extended by a week to Sunday 7th June, at our request. Read more

Member spotlight: Inspire Women Oldham

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Member Spotlight: Sutton Women's Centre

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Urgent letter to Baroness Barran regarding the application process for refuge space funding

Sent from WRC & charity sector representatives on Friday 8th May 2020. Read more

Guidance Note on CEDAW and COVID-19 (CEDAW Committee)

CEDAW committee's guidance note on CEDAW and the COVID-19 crisis. Read more

Women’s Resource Centre gives cautious welcome to the Chancellor’s offer to the charity sector

Our response to the Chancellor's Covid-19 response package for charities. Read more