Sisters Doing It For Themselves - why we are archiving a herstory of activism

Our new project - Sisters Doing It For Themselves - will create a unique oral herstory archive, documenting the testimonies of current and past leaders. Read more

Why Doesn’t Commissioning Work for the Women’s Sector?

WRC blog on why commissioning doesn't work for the women's sector. Read more

The women’s sector £700 million out of pocket. Here’s why, and what we can do about it.

WRC launch a crowdfund as part of our campaign to reclaim £500 million of the estimated £700 million raised by VAT on period products - commonly known as the Tampon Tax - for dedicated, specialist women’s charities. Read more

Grassroots organising and organisations

Talk delivered by WRC at a UN Women Brunch in 2018. Read more

Marriage and Family Life - Article 16, CEDAW

Welfare and legal reform are not the only factors in this erosion of women’s rights; a misogynistic hegemony is informing political theory and policy. Read more

Equality Before the Law - Article 15, CEDAW

"If our rights are taken away from us, and we can’t fight on a level playing field to get them restored, then those legal and Convention rights are meaningless. It is vital that individuals and organisation know that they can use this to put pressure on the State for access to equality." Read more

Rural Women - Article 14, CEDAW

Article 14 requires the UK Government to address the particular issues faced by rural women, taking all appropriate measures to ensure the application of CEDAW Read more

Employment and Health - Article 11 and 12, CEDAW

Access to maternity care is a human right – CEDAW and NHS Charging of Pregnant Migrant Women Read more

Education - Article 10, CEDAW

"GRT women and girls still experience discrimination in all areas of their lives, especially in their access to education, and subsequently their participation in the work force." Read more

Nationality - Article 9, CEDAW

Article 9 underpins the fundamental right of each woman to determine their own nationality and that of their children. The current hostile environment towards immigration is disproportionally impacting already vulnerable asylum-seeking and migrant women and preventing them from accessing this right in a tangible way, due to lack of suitable gender-sensitive measures being implemented, and a fear of the system. Read more

International Participation - Article 8, CEDAW

The absence of women from these influential positions results in a lack of women’s voices in decision making and reinforces the huge imbalance of power between the sexes when it comes to leadership. Read more