WRC statement on racism in the VAWG sector

WRC supports and stands alongside the VAWG sector Anti-Racism Working Group. Read more

Activist and scholar Gill Hague recounts the inspiring story of the domestic violence movement in the UK

Publishing in May 2021, a captivating new book by renowned activist and scholar Gill Hague follows the inspiring story of the domestic violence movement in the UK and internationally from the 1960s to today. Read more

Meditation with Pascale

Watch a meditation video made for WRC by Pascale Roura. Read more

New Women's Sector Research! The Impact of COVID-19 on the UK women's sector , one year on...

One after year on, we wanted to know how they had fared, and the implications of the new social reality on their finances, as well as demand for their services and emerging needs. Read more

Women’s Resource Centre and Black Training and Enterprise Group awarded Comic Relief’s Global Majority Fund

With the Global Majority Fund, WRC and BTEG will support small, grassroots organisations, led by and for Black and minoritised women. Read more

Beyond Equality: The changing policy landscape

Hear from our Policy Officer, Kiran Dhami Read more

This Is What A Feminist Leader Looks Like

Celebrating International Women’s Day by showcasing women and leadership. Read more

Work under way to tackle gender and racial discrimination across Greater Manchester

GMCA to work in partnership with Mama Health & Poverty Partnership and Women's Resource Centre to tackle gender and racial discrimination; with a commitment to intersectional experiences of Black, African and asylum seeking women. Read more

Applications open: WRC's Fundraising Coaching Programme

Women’s Resource Centre are delighted to launch a 6-week Fundraising Coaching Programme for women’s charities and organisations in the UK. Read more

Marriage and Family Life - Article 16, CEDAW

Welfare and legal reform are not the only factors in this erosion of women’s rights; a misogynistic hegemony is informing political theory and policy. Read more