The women's sector is gearing up for the upcoming elections, inviting potential candidates to speak to them, publishing their manifestos and trying to build relationships with possible new MPs and Police and Crime Commissioners. While we all work on different issues related to women's rights, there are some common sector-related demands that we are likely to agree on - unsurprisingly about money. 

Our key funding asks for the women's sector:

  • more funding for the sector through an independent, national women's fund.

  • longer-term sustainable funding models so that we're not always going cap in hand to deliver our life-saving services.

  • more funding for led by and for organisations including disabled and Black and minoritised organisations and those working with women with no recourse to public funds.

In our role to encourage a collective voice for the women's sector, WRC has published a 'grassroots manifesto' that covers a range of demands. It can be used by women's organisations in their campaigning work - Our voice is always stronger, together. 


What could a new government change on a shoestring?

Any incoming government has made it clear that they won't be spending to support charities. But there are changes we can ask for that won't cost lots of money, but could make a big difference to our sector:
  • an immediate review of the commissioning and procurement rules as they pertain to women's services.

  • implement a firewall between immigration enforcement and public bodies like the police.

  • implement all of the 2020 Harms Panel recommendations for family courts. 

If you are meeting any potential candidates over the coming weeks and months, raising these common interest issues will build momentum for change. Good luck with your campaigning efforts!