Idu works in the women’s sector and was a participant on the Feminist Leadership Course 2023 spring cohort.

How did you first hear about the project and what made you sign up/what were your expectations? 

My line manager recommended it and after looking at the content I was very interested. Emotional Intelligence really drew me in and I wanted to learn more about the work WRC does as an organisation.

Each week I really valued the topics covered and time for reflection and discussion. The training programme was structured very well and far exceeded my expectations.

 What did you think of the training programme? 

I really enjoyed the interaction, getting to know my group members. Having the breakout rooms were very beneficial great to hear form other women and their experiences. It really highlighted the importance of learning from one another. The facilitators were excellent and paced the training very well and gave us space to participate and were encouraging. Over the weeks building relationships with others helped me to become more participative. The facilitators brought the best out of the group.

I found the training programme absolutely fantastic. The 6-week programme was packed in with lots of information and activities.

How has the project impacted you personally and/or professionally? 

The training has made me reflect on the leader I want to be and how Feminism is   very important to me. The training really delved into the benefits of Feminist Leadership and what it looks like. The activity around who inspires you, I found very useful. 

One of the exercises I found very useful was the 3 Rs. It is a great tool for resolving any difficulties which may arise. It helps you to frame the issue and then to focus on the resolution

What could have been done better? 

I found the training programme absolutely fantastic. 6-week programme was packed in with lots of information and activities. The only area I would like to have spent more time on is around Presentation and pitching, in particular the elevator pitch. A tool to use to keep as concise and share a lot of information when presenting. 

Is there anything else you want to mention? 

All the materials were extremely useful and shared with colleagues at work. One I found particularly useful was the one on traits of a feminist organisation. It was great discussing this with colleagues to see what we do well and what we can build on.  

Idu participated in the Feminist Leadership Programme 2022/2023. Thank you so much for all the value you brought to the programme! 

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