Organisation’s name: London Borough of Redbridge

Job title of employee: Principal Family Support Worker

1. What is your current role and previous experience in this area?
“This training was free and I got to attend, and receive this training. I lead the delivery of the spotlight programme and practice manage the facilitators here. This is a DV group perpetrators course but we also do 1 to 1 work.”

2. How did you find the 4-day individual work with perps training? Was it informative,
“Brilliant would be my first word. It reinforced what I was already doing, Kate and Chris shared lots more tools with us that we can now start to use in our programme. It was good for my own reflection to show me how far I’ve come in my practice, also great to learn some tools we’re going to implement. An example of a tool: Voices outside the room, they showed us how to deliver this with an audio version of it for 1 to 1s. Previously we could only deliver to
groups with 2 facilitators. This increased the capacity of my organisation to deliver sessions in
a 1-to-1 environment with one facilitator that previously required 2 facilitators.”

3. What was most useful?
“The best thing was the new tools we were given that were sent to us in the resource pack–real practical resources, fresh material. Including the audio recordings of the “voices outside the room exercise” etc. The man box is in there, alternative language choices, Muslim power and control wheel, the respect 1 to 1 work with perpetrators manual is in there. All of these resources we were given to keep, so we can use them moving forward. There is an audio
version of the Leo and Angela scenario, for use in sexual respect sessions, and there is an attachment video we can use in 1 to 1 or group to demonstrate attachment styles. The audio files are so useful as they allow us to facilitate sessions 1 to 1 that were previously impossible because you needed two facilitators to roleplay the scenarios. It also helps us keep the sessions varied as sometimes in group sessions we will roleplay and sometimes we’ll use the
audio clips.”

4. How have you been able to support colleagues as a result of attending this training?
“The tools in the resource pack have been disseminated to our whole team, real tools they can use. I’ve arranged a half-day with all the facilitators to go through and teach the tools we’ve been given, and how we use them. Work out how to bring these tools into the work. I have been able to pass on this training to my team and increase their knowledge and skills, which has made a big difference as I’ve been able to increase their confidence. This has had
a big capacity-building impact on the organisation, as with the knowledge I have passed on and the resources, other members of staff feel more confident working with perpetrators on a one-to-one basis, allowing us to work with more perpetrators. If I could give you 11 out of 10 I would.”