Organisation’s name: Glitch

Job title of employee: Policy and Campaigns Manager

About the organisation: Glitch is a small charity that focuses on ending online abuse with a focus on women and marginalised communities. We do policy work, deliver workshops, produce resources and conduct community building and awareness-raising. We are small but growing and have 8 members of staff.

I attended 2 of the Women’s Resource Centre’s sustainability training, Finance for Project Management and Wellbeing. What stood out for me during the training was the fact that they were tailored for the women’s sector. The trainers were very good, and it was also a good networking opportunity.

The resources that were sent to us following the training were particularly helpful tools to incorporate the learning into the daily running of the organisation. Given challenges of capacity, such as affordability of training and new role development, free tools and training are always really helpful. Without this service staff working in small charities like
ours would not be able to replace this training with others (affordability issue) and wouldn't have the same networking opportunities.

I just want to say I am grateful to the Women’s Resource Centre and their expert trainers, and their willingness to be guided by the sector when developing new training programmes.