I am Candice, founder of Mother Cuppa (and yes, it’s an intentional play on words!) 

In my late teens, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. My treatment resulted in me undergoing a medically induced menopause. As a result of that treatment, I found myself, at just 40 years old, entering early menopause. I began to explore how natural remedies could support me through this time. I found it amazing to learn you could select and mix different plants for specific health benefits. I have turned more and more to herbs and plants to support my changing body and my wellbeing having suffered with issues with my sleep, energy, anxiety, and the initial stages of perimenopause. 
I am now sharing my blends with ladies in a similar position, looking to support their well-being.

Mother Cuppa Teas offers a range of herbal teas, blended to support women through the life cycle of changing hormones and busy lives. There is a tea for each step of the day. 

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