Mother Cuppa Hydrate Tea

About this item

Brew Mother Cuppa Hydrating Tea to support you with optimum hydration during your menstrual cycle, perimenopause or when hormones are surging through menopause.

This hydrating herbal tea has a creamy blend of rooibos, coconut, elderberries and elderflower blended to help maintain proper hydration. The natural flavourings in this tea blend give it a satisfying strawberry flavour.

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Each box contains 14 tea bags.

Top Performers | What’s inside?

Rooibos contains polyphenol antioxidants, including flavonoids and phenolic acids. These potent free radical scavengers are purported to accelerate rehydration and boost hydration levels. It’s 100% caffeine-free and is renowned for its abundant electrolytes - vital minerals that aid in balancing the body's water content.

Elderflower helps to regulate the body temperature to keep fluid levels in a perfect state. Traditional Indian medicine, dating back 3000 years, describes elderflower as the best Ayurvedic herb for treating symptoms of dehydration.

Dehydration can alter your brain’s performance, affecting its activity and slowing it down on tasks. Choose this caffeine-free solution to stay hydrated, especially during menstrual cycles, perimenopause, and menopause, when hydration patterns shift.

Drink this tea to:

  • Regulate your body temperature and combat brain fog by staying hydrated.
  • Increase fluid intake to prevent hot flushes and night sweats.
  • Keep operating at your best when you can’t afford to not perform to your maximum abilities.
  • Remain refreshed and vibrant throughout the day.


Rooibos (55%), Desiccated Coconut (18%), Elderberries (15%), Elderflower (5%), Lime Leaves (4%), Freeze-dried Raspberry (3%), Natural Flavourings*.

(*Natural flavourings are derived from natural ingredients, unlike artificial or nature-identical flavours, which are chemically synthesised instead of extracted from natural sources.)

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“Just lovely! A friend introduced me to these teas. My favourite is the hydrating one; I tried the relaxing one too and recommend both. Will order via subscription, as I can’t bear to run out now!" S. Scammell

“Great Tea. I've never found a herbal tea I have liked but I took a punt and tried the Hydrate tea, and I have to say, I love it. I am a massive English breakfast tea drinker, but I needed something else as I was having too much. This is a wonderful halfway home in my eye, and I love it." K. Walker

“A herbal tea that actually tastes really nice and benefits you at the same time. I drink this in the afternoon, when my attention drifts and the hydrating effect gets rid of the brain fog and sharpens everything up.” Julie