Mother Cuppa Relax Tea

About this item

Brew Mother Cuppa Relax Tea for calming hormones when you are looking for a moment of peace during the day or a little help unwinding in the evening.

This relaxing herbal tea has a sweet and roasted aromatic blend of rosehip, dandelion, and lavender, blended to smell as good as it tastes, bringing a sense of calm to all your senses. The natural flavourings in this tea blend give it a soothing pear and caramel flavour.

This blend combines gentle anxiolytics and sedatives to instil calmness and relaxation.

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Each box contains 14 tea bags.

Top Performers | What’s inside?

Puffed Quinoa: Quinoa’s high magnesium and protein content are purported to relax the muscles, which is beneficial for sleep, tissue growth and repair.

Oat Flowering Tops: Oats are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, and polyphenols, which are considered to feed the nervous system during times of stress, weakness, or exhaustion. They promote relaxation, leading to better sleep and feelings of well-being.

Lavender: Works as an anxiety reliever and sedative to increase relaxation. It can lower the heart rate, promote a sense of calm, and help induce sleep.

Choose this caffeine-free solution as your gateway to tranquillity.

Drink this tea to:

  • Unwind, revitalise and create a sense of tranquillity during moments of stress.
  • Explore the path to natural serenity, one sip at a time.
  • Prevent anxiety from taking over and induce a calm feeling.
  • Promote a relaxed state of mind to aid in sleep.


Rosehip (25%), Roasted Dandelion Root (18%), Pear Pieces (18%), Cinnamon (17%), Apple Pieces (11%), Orange Peel (3.5%), Puffed Quinoa (3%), Oat Flowering Tops (3%), Lavender (2%), Natural Flavourings*.

(*Natural flavourings are derived from natural ingredients, unlike artificial or nature-identical flavours, which are chemically synthesised instead of extracted from natural sources.)

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“I struggle to sleep, and when I drink this relaxing tea an hour before bedtime, it really helps me drift off. Better still, it tastes rich and caramelised and feels like a warm hug.” Julie

“Absolutely delicious. I am so grateful to Candice for creating something which I look forward to drinking every night. Her tea is by far the most delicious herbal tea I have ever tried. Thank you.” Carys S.