Mother Cuppa Wellness Collection

About this item

A collection of wellness herbal teas for women. Carefully curated for quality and flavour, ensuring a delightful and soothing tea experience.

The Mother Cuppa Wellness Collection contains a tea for each step of the day. It comprises the Energise (morning), Hydrate (afternoon), and Relax (evening) blends, which feature natural herbal caffeine-free teas with natural flavourings.

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The Collection box contains 42 tea bags.

What’s inside?

Energise blend

  • Stabilise fluctuating hormones with the power of Ashwagandha and Schisandra Berries. These powerful adaptogen plants help you adapt to the day's stresses and keep fatigue at bay. 
  • The power of beetroot and hibiscus cleanses the liver of toxins and fuels muscle efficiency, promoting and sustaining natural energy throughout the day.

Hydrate blend

  • Helps reduce the dreaded cognitive slump and brain fog by keeping you hydrated. Increasing fluid intake reduces inflammation to the brain. With the power of Rooibos, Elderflower and Elderberries, this tea is a gentle reminder to drink more.
  • Combats the effects of mild dehydration. Just 2% mild dehydration can lead to inflammation, loss of cognitive functions, and increased muscle cramps. Increasing fluid intake is key to preventing hot flushes and night sweats.  

Relax blend

  • Induce a calm feeling with natural anxiolytics; this tea is designed to interact with the body, help reduce feelings of anxiety or overwhelm and create a sense of tranquillity during moments of stress. 
  • Promote a relaxed state of mind to aid in sleep with natural and gentle sedatives Puffed Quinoa, Oat Flowering Tops and Lavender. This tea will help you blissfully drift off.

How does it taste?

  • Energise is a tangy and aromatic blend of hibiscus, ginger, beetroot and ashwagandha. The natural flavourings in this blend give it a cherry flavour.
  • Hydrate is a creamy blend of rooibos, coconut, elderberries, and elderflower. The natural flavourings give it a strawberry flavour.
  • Relax is a sweet and roasted blend of rosehip, dandelion and lavender. The natural flavourings in this blend give it a pear and caramel flavour.


Energise: Ginger (30%), Hibiscus (16%), Apple Pieces (14%), Beetroot (10%), Rosehip (7%), Ashwagandha (5%), Lemongrass (5%), Peppermint (5%), Schizandra Berries (5%), Freeze-dried Cranberry, Orange Peel, Freeze-dried Cherry, Natural Flavourings*.

Hydrate: Rooibos (55%), Desiccated Coconut (18%), Elderberries (15%), Elderflower (5%), Lime Leaves (4%), Freeze-dried Raspberry (3%), Natural Flavouring*.

Relax: Rosehip (25%), Roasted Dandelion Root (18%), Pear Pieces (18%), Cinnamon (17%), Apple Pieces (11%), Orange Peel (3.5%), Puffed Quinoa (3%), Oat Flowering Tops (3%), Lavender (2%), Natural Flavouring*.

(*Natural flavourings are derived from natural ingredients, unlike artificial or nature-identical flavours, which are chemically synthesised instead of extracted from natural sources.)

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“The best tea ever! Such thoughtful, nurturing teas for women in midlife (& others)! I would recommend these yummy teas in a heartbeat x”.

K. Hodson

“Mother Cupping Great! I tried this lovely tea after meeting Candice. I'm finding the teas are doing their job and my mornings are less brain foggy and my afternoon slumps are fewer!! I subscribed after a couple of weeks and really so glad I met Mother Cuppa Tea!” L.W.