Meet Sophie, a woman who's trying to balance education and being a young mum. Her family has been affected by the lack of support available. 

Sophie is a young mum of two who works for the NHS and is also a part time Masters student. Like other young mums Sophie has had a tough time balancing full time work, part time study, and looking after her children. Increased cuts by the government have made it even tougher for young mums to work and afford childcare.

"Being a young mum is extremely tough, especially with all the cuts. Not getting housing benefit if you are under 21 is a huge cut to all the young mums. If it was me 6 years ago I don’t think I would have ever got out the house to work or to study. I didn’t get any benefit when she was born as I didn’t know what sort of benefit I could be entitled to and nobody was helping me in that sense. Sometimes I used to cut classes because I couldn’t afford to let my daughter go to the nanny. When I went to meet my local MP I asked him a question about young women and young mums he said I never thought of that group. What I wish that I was told when I was a young mum is that you can definitely do it. Whatever you put your mind too you can definitely do it."

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