Specialist, affordable and accessible training is crucial for the women’s sector, especially in times of limited funding and resources.

We understand the value of sharing knowledge, information and best practice amongst organisations, as well as the need to take a step back and reflect on the work we are doing as a sector. We also know that enabling spaces for organisations in similar or related fields to meet creates opportunities for future partnership and collaborations. We also know however that networking and events are usually one of the first things to be cut when faced with budget restrictions and reductions. 

What difference does WRC make to build resilience, sustainability and capacity in the women's sector?

Women’s Resource Centre offers a rich variety of training courses to its members and associated organisations. Attendees from our training often report on the value of learning being facilitated from a women’s charity’s point of view, as well as it being in a safe space where other learners understand and appreciate the nature of each other’s work.

WRC also recognises the value in holding events and opportunities to network. We understand the value of sharing knowledge, information and best practice as well as taking a step back and reflect the work we are doing. It is also a way for us to build organisational capacity to become sustainable and resilient as well as a platform to foster new collaborations and partnerships.

The majority of our training courses and events are fully funded for women’s charities. In cases where we deliver training that is not funded, we attempt to make sure the cost is affordable and reasonable.


WRC offers a variety of training, for example:

Women’s Leadership for Social Change/Feminist Leadership

Partnerships: all you need to know

Bid Writing and Presentation

Project Management

Unconscious Bias

Train the Trainer

Theory of Change

Finances for Project Managers

… and many more!


WRC has hosted events on a variety of topics, including:

  • What’s Feminism Got to Do with it? 
  • CEDAW: A vehicle for change 
  • Dismantling Barriers: Action on Accessibility 
  • Housing Crisis and Domestic Violence 
  • Mental Health and Sexual Violence

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One-to-one support

WRC offers one-to-one support on a variety of issues, including partnership, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation and project management. Contact us for more information about our one-to-one work, pricing, topics and how to book an appointment here.

Please note that one-to-one support is subject to capacity and availability.

Prices will vary based upon whether you are a WRC member or not. 

“We are really local. We only cover one Borough. These kinds of networking events enable us to learn from others and exchange information.”

“Some statutory organisations, sitting talking together with voluntary agencies and third sector specialists. It’s trust building across agencies and across Boroughs”

“Bringing together a variety of stakeholders, stakeholders from different areas together. It was great meeting people from different sectors […] statutory and voluntary sector. It promotes partnership working”

There were a lot of people who worked for Local Authorities too, which was great because it enabled me to speak to them and build that bridge, and later on visit them and see what that particular Local Authority’s housing response looks like around domestic abuse”

“[The training] was very good because at the time we attended the partnership training we were looking at putting in a partnership bid so we found new ways to improve what we had and how to implement what we were learning that day”

“Knowledge is shared internally to staff at a whole variety of levels, to frontline service delivery, to people managing those staff, as well as trustees”

“I'm so glad I had the opportunity for this training, it was a head and shoulders above anything I had done before”

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