Fair Deal for Women was a women’s sector collaborative campaign that sought to join the dots on women’s inequality in the UK.

Women are at a disadvantage in almost all areas of life, and not only from high levels of violence and the gender pay gap, but women are more likely to be in low paid and insecure work, and are also unfairly represented in the media and parliament.

We gathered statistics and asked the government to act on women’s inequality. 

What Is Fair Deal For Women?

WRC’s women sector campaign for women’s equality asked politicians to do something about the gap between men and women. The campaign included 7 asks that are solutions to the problems women face.  The Fair Deal for Women campaign was led by the Women’s Resource Centre and was the first of its kind, coming from a partnership of 13 leading women’s sector organisations

Fair Deal was a women’s sector resource where writers, broadcasters, journalists, or anyone interested in women’s equality could come to for statistics, research, comment, a speaker, or expert on women’s inequality in the UK. Our aim was to get the message across that women’s inequality spans across all areas of life. It was not just focused on violence against women or the pay gap for example. Our campaign tried to join the dots to show the connection between many different factors. The other message was that the government’s policies are making the situation much worse for women, economically, socially and politically.

The impact of the campaign has been to provide a place, for the first time, where women’s organisations have pooled their research and collaborated on a set of policy asks. This collaboration and pooling of resources has meant that the campaign has far more weight behind it, in the eyes of the media for example. We’ve been able to engage a number of high profile public figures, politicians and numerous journalists. The result of this meant that we were able to influence the debate around women’s equality, get people talking on social media, and also get articles and research in the press.

The project produced 3 reports under the 7 asks:

Fair Deal for Women. Part 1: Women Speak Out on the Economy and Work and Family Life

Fair Deal for Women. Part 2: Women Speak Out on Safety Justice and Support and Women's Health

Fair Deal for Women. Part 3: Women Speak Out on Women and Power | Equality and Human Rights | Attitudes, Media, Education and Culture

 Fair Deal for Women: Economy
 Fair Deal for Women: Work & Family Life
 Fair Deal for Women: Safety, Support and Justice
Fair Deal for Women: Health
Fair Deal for Women: Attitudes, Media, Education and Culture
Fair Deal for Women: Power and Decision-Making
 Fair Deal for Women: Equality and Human Rights