The Mayor of London, in partnership with City Bridge Trust, launched a new pilot fund to support specialist civil society infrastructure in London in November 2019. WRC were delighted to be awarded the fund to facilitate a series of discussions, consultations and co-produced activities with London based women’s Civil Society Organisations CSOs. This project aimed to meet the growing challenges facing women’s led by and for, specialist frontline organisations in delivering support to some of London’s most marginalised women and girls.

The project ran from March 2020 - March 2022.

This project has facilitated a series of discussions, consultations and activities with London-based Women’s Civil Society Organisations (WCSOs). Through this project, we have developed our support and membership offer to WCSOs in London. The outputs and activities undertaken in this work has built the capacity of the sector, strengthened networks and collaborations as well as developed a collective voice. This work has increased the support to WCSOs that are working to achieve both the Mayor’s EDI objectives and the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan priorities, to help make London a great place to live, and a safe, healthy and enjoyable city, with specific reference to tackling violence against women and girls and standing together against hatred and intolerance.

With this fund, we are developing our support and membership offer to women’s CSOs in London.

The menu of support we have and are developing is based upon insights into the strengths, needs and issues of our sector, which will include capacity building, strengthening of networks, collaboration and the development and building of a collective voice.

The overall aim of this is to refresh our women’s sector specific offer and second tier support model that will build and strengthen the women’s sector and movement in London, which meets the needs of our beneficiaries now and in the coming years. This project is a pilot with the aim of being rolled out across the UK following completion.

Through this project we delivered a variety of activities and produced a breadth of resources. 

Women's Sector Resources

This project was funded by Big Lottery.

With thanks to the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority.