Hi, I'm T., a South London-based poet passionate about inclusivity, diversity, positivity, supporting youth development, women’s rights, sport and my local community.

A friend asked me one day what the title would be if I were to write a book. I smiled and said, "There could only be one title, babe!" The seed had been sown. In 2020, I wrote my first book called, "Blouse an' Skirt, Babe!!!" 

I'm happy to be selling my book with the WRC who have provided me with the opportunity to use my voice in a positive way.

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"Blouse an’ Skirt, Babe!!!" - by T. Balogun (5" x 5" book)

"Blouse an' Skirt, Babe!!!" - by T. Balogun (8" x 8" book)