Women’s Resource Centre are excited to announce that we have been awarded funding to continue our signature coaching and mentoring program, led by and for Black women as part of our Network for Black Women Leaders (NBWL).

We will be re-opening Expressions of Interest to join our next Coaching Programme in summer 2023.

What is the Coaching and Mentoring Programme?

The NBWL Coaching and Mentoring Programme seeks to address the underemployment and under promotion of Black women, by supporting the professional ambitions of NBWL members to take up a more senior role or progress within an existing leadership position.

The Programme consists of:

  • Coaching: Individual and Group 
  • Mentoring 
  • Networking events

The programme is currently funded until July 2025. 

Coaching: Individual and Group | Call for Women of African Heritage to join the programme

We will be calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in summer 2023 for our next Coaching programme which is due to start in October 2023!

Who’s it for?

This opportunity is open to Black women (women of the African diaspora / of African heritage) based in the UK who are looking to enhance or develop their confidence and view of leadership.

Group Coaching

The Coaching programme offers participants 5 coaching sessions:

1st session: one-to-one session with the coach (30 minutes).

2nd-4th sessions: group coaching together with the coach and 9 other women (90 minutes).

5th session: one-to-one session with the coach (45 minutes).

The sessions offer the opportunity for Black women to leverage knowledge, strategies and experience.  Like-minded individuals working on a common theme, yet having different personal goals will be supported by a qualified leadership and development coach. The facilitated session will develop talents by integrating knowledge of the group, build confidence and share solutions that will enable you to navigate your working environment as a result move towards your leadership goals.   

Our Partners

We are pleased to partner with award winning diversity and inclusion specialists Kenroi Consulting, who develop effective and progressive activities to ensure organisations build inclusive teams. Kenroi Consulting delivers a range of solutions; including executive coaching and mentoring, cultural competency training, recruitment and inclusive leadership strategies in order for businesses to understand and embed diversity practice across functions, systems, policies and strategies. 

About Your Coach

Future Coaching Opportunities

We will be delivering this programme until July 2025 with group intakes as follows: 

Cohort 3: October 2023 - May 2024

Cohort 4: October 2024 - May 2025

Calls for Expression of Interest will be released approximately 2 months before the start of the programme. 


For any more information about the programme, please see WRC’s website or contact [email protected] or call on 0207 697 3450.

The NBWL is supported by external expert advisors: Patricia Alert, Dolly Ogunrinde, and Rosemarie Jackson.  All of whom are women of the African diaspora.