We stand in solidarity with our sister organisations and work to support their campaigns in any way we can. 

Please learn about these vital campaigns and share widely. 

Election Manifestos (2023/4)

We support the manifestos that women's organisations are writing and lobbying with. EVAW have a manifesto, which has been signed by 70 women's organisations, focusing specifically on VAWG-related demands. Women's Aid also has a manifesto. WRC plans its own 'Grassroots Manifesto' that focuses on the needs of the women's sector more generally - watch this space!

Birth Companions New Birth Charter (2023) 

Birth Companions have launched their new Birth Charter for women with involvement from children’s social care, to help bring greater attention to the needs of women who are almost entirely overlooked in national policy and guidance in the health, social care and family justice systems.

Sisters Not Strangers (2021)

A UK-based coalition of groups that support asylum-seeking and refugee women coming together to campaign against inhumane immigration and asylum policies. 

#StepUpMigrantWomen protecting migrant women from abuse and domestic violence (2019, ongoing)

This campaign led by the Latin American Women's Rights Service (LAWRS) aimed to tackle the prioritisation of immigration enforcement over human rights. One of their demands was to introduce a firewall between the Home Office and the police to protect migrant women's rights as VAWG victims/survivors without fear of deportation. Despite backing from many women's organisations, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner and the Justice Select Committee, the government has yet to act. The struggle continues...

Step Up Migrant Women Logo

Save London Black Women's Project's Refuges (2019)

This was ultimately a successful campaign to maintain funding for four of LBWP's six refuges in the London borough of Newham.

London Black Women

Safeguard Futures Ban Child Marriage (2019)

Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (IKWRO) led this campaign to close the parental exception loophole for 16 and 17-year olds to get married. In April 2022, this was achieved, including for marriages that are planned to take place outside the UK.