Despite the amazing work of the women's sector, we know it is 'undervalued, under resourced and ultimately unsustainable'. New research from Rosa shows that less than 2% of all grants recorded on 360Giving in 2021 went to women's and girls' organisations, and 50% of all grants to this sector were for £10,000 or less. A dismal and depressing picture that we need to change. 

These findings back up WRC's own research into where grant funding was going. We found that, in 2020, grants going to the women's sector made up less than 3% of the total. These figures were also obtained through 360Giving data. So, it seems that not only are we getting a paltry piece of the pie (given that we make up half the population) but the money is moving even further away from us as time goes on. 

Research like this backs up what we all know from experience: that times are getting even tougher - as the cost-of-living crisis gets worse and the demand for our services climbs even higher. Let's all make sure every funder/commissioner and donor knows about this data and we all repeat it at every opportunity. Funders should be held accountable for their own track record on equalities, as they play such a vital role in the sustainability of our sector. 

Find out more about WRC's cost-of-living campaign, where we are highlighting this dire situation and demanding that more be done about it here: