Staff wellbeing is key to organisational success. When your staff are feeling well, it will increase productivity and motivation, reduce sick leave and improve staff retention and morale.

This is particularly important for the women’s sector. The nature of the issues we work on will take an emotional toll on employees. It is therefore paramount that the women’s sector is proactive in their steps to ensure staff wellbeing, rather than simply responding or reacting to staff mental health needs as they arise.

WRC has designed and delivered a number of wellbeing training sessions as a response to the findings in our surveys. This Best Practice Briefing combines the learnings of these sessions. The purpose of this Best Practice Briefing is to support employers and employees to ensure their and others’ wellbeing and meet their mental health needs. This
briefing is not by any means exhaustive, and we welcome suggestions from our membership on potential additions and amendments.


This best practice briefing is produced through funding from the Big Lottery Fund.