A Vision for a Better Society - A Grassroots Women's Manifesto 

WRC, in coordination with our advisory group, has created a grassroots women's manifesto of asks and commitments that we would like to see all political parties adopt. 

Questions for the Doorstep

At some point, you and your service users may get a knock on your door from a potential election candidate. This is an opportunity to ask them some questions about their ideas for a better society. Here are some questions that may be helpful to ask candidates - pick whichever topic is relevant to you! 

Upcoming UK Elections 

Your comprehensive guide on all the elections taking place across the UK this year, how to vote in them and why they are important for women's organisations.

Legal Rules for Election Campaigning

Charities undertaking campaigning activity around elections are regulated under charity and election law. Here are some useful tips to ensure your campaigning is legal! N.B. We are not lawyers and if you are unsure about any of your election campaigning you should speak to a legal expert.

If you want more detailed information on charity or election law, or what activity is and isn't allowed or regulated in an election year then contact [email protected] for more information.

Top Tips for Effective Campaigning

Here are some overarching tips for effective campaigning around elections. They will feed into the 'how to guides' that provide specific advice for different ways to campaign around elections. 


Guides for Campaigning: How to...

...Use this toolkit


...Organise a letter or email writing campaign

Template letter

Template letter PDF


...Put on or participate in a husting 


...Use social media 


...Use traditional media 

Template press release

Template press release PDF


...Build longer-term relationships