The Dancing Maharani by Ranjit Kaur

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  • Book title: The Dancing Maharani
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  • Publication date: 13 June 2019
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A young woman from India arrives at a London airport where the highly unusual contents of her suitcase spark a security alert. A widow falls foul of local gossip, causing her hot-tempered friend to exact retribution. A raging father, shamed at the behaviour of his three daughters, punishes them with unforeseen consequences. A new bride feels the wrath of her mother-in-law for daring to dance in public.

The Dancing Maharani: and other short stories is a compelling and lively collection in which Ranjit Kaur examines the dynamics of family relationships, migration and cultural alienation. The stereotype of the passive and subservient Asian women is destroyed and the avatar of Kali, the powerful Indian goddess, emerges! 


‘This collection of short stories is an absolute delight. Each story is an entrancing, evocative tale of the life of immigrants to – and from – the United Kingdom. Timely and relevant, these stories deserve to be widely read.’  Elizabeth Woodcraft, author of The Saturday Girls 

‘This collection reminds us of the conflicts and humour of immigrant families straddling more than one country and culture. I found myself journeying through sisterly fractious love, suspense, hilarity, belonging and the multifaceted lives of women. It’s most definitely an informative read.’ Valerie Mason-John, writer