Pain in the Mask by Yvonne Murray

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  • Book title: Pain in the Mask
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  • 38 pages
  • Paperback
  • Self-published September 2022
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During lockdown, Yvonne found the time to reflect, be creative, and return to her love for poetry, which resulted in her first collection of poems about love, hurt, trauma, and everything else life has for us. 

"We were all wearing masks, so I used that in the title to not only reflect the times we were living in but also how we wear an invisible mask at some point to hide from our reality," says Yvonne Murray.

"One of the first comments from a fellow poet after reading the back page was, "I like that you came off mute." That phrase stuck. All work communications were online during lockdown, and you spent considerable time saying, "You're on mute." over and over again."