Four-day Feminist Leadership Training Programme!

Women’s Resource Centre is delighted to launch a new Feminist Leadership Training Programme. 

This new and exciting programme is open to women wanting to develop leadership skills, build their confidence and inner power and connect with other like-minded women across the UK and the world! 

We take a solutions-based approach – the sessions are an opportunity to reflect but, more importantly, to realistically look to the future, allowing a safe space for discussions and developing transformative actions. The sessions will be interactive, engaging and fun, using a range of participatory activities.

What’s new?

New Modules

We have incorporated new and fresh modules into the programme, making it a 4-day training course. We are now extending our modules on Belonging, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training and expanding our sessions on Power, Leadership and Feminism. The 4-day training programme goes even further in its exploration of what and how feminist leadership is different to other kinds of leadership and whether and how leadership is a vehicle for social change.

Open to all women – regardless of sector and location

This training is open to women at any voluntary and community organisation, public sector, institution or private sector, no matter their role, background or previous experience and knowledge. We welcome all to apply, though we will prioritise those new to leadership, emerging rather than established leaders and Black and marginalised women. 

Programme content

This training programme on Feminist Leadership will provide women with practical and analytical leadership skills that they can apply in their organisations and communities.

The programme covers:

Feminism and Intersectionality 

Introducing feminism and intersectionality through a combination of theory and exercises. 


We discuss leadership through various exercises and cover topics associated with leaders, traditional assumptions of leadership and the relationship with feminism. We explore questions such as "What's the purpose of a leader", "What is leadership for me", and "What is the difference between management and leadership" - and much more!

Emotional Intelligence

Investigating the ‘four components’ of emotional intelligence through group work and self-reflection and analysing whether and how emotional intelligence is important to the feminist leader.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

This session builds and extends the unconscious bias section from the 3-day FLT training course. We explore what unconscious bias is and where it originates from. We will consider ways in which it can manifest in the workplace and we will explore methods and tools for interrupting and challenging unconscious bias to become part of the organisational culture. We will also explore, through theory and practice, concepts such as diversity of thought, allyship, belonging and inclusion.


We explore the concept of power, including its meaning, where and how it’s manifested, personal relationships with power, its influence on leadership and the relationship between power and empowerment.

Presentation and Pitching

Investigating techniques and tips for presentations and pitching through theory and practical action learning elements.

Burnout: Signs, Impact, and Prevention

Burnout is a serious condition that mainly affects women. We investigate what burnout is, its symptoms and what causes burnout in the workplace. We thereafter consider measures, policies and procedures to prevent burnout from happening.

Project Management

Exploring areas and aspects of project management and providing participants with various project management tools and techniques.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is part of our lives, and we negotiate on a daily basis, but when it comes to negotiating in our professional life, it can feel daunting. This session explores negotiation skills and tools through self-reflection, group work and practical exercises. 

Relationship Management

We look at elements relevant to relationship management, including communication and learning styles, conflict management and understanding different personalities through self-reflection, group work and practical exercises. 

Values and Organisational Culture

Explore how and whether values and principles of feminist leadership are reflected in organisational practices and its impact on organisational culture. 


By the end of the programme, we anticipate participants to have:

  • Enhanced their techniques and capabilities to be a strong leader.
  • Strengthened their ability to apply an intersectional feminist way of working and skills in leading and managing people, teams and projects.
  • The skills to be equipped to lead social change in their personal and professional lives.
  • Formed connections with other feminist leaders around the UK and across the globe.
  • A greater sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth in leadership contexts.
  • A sense of feeling supported and more able to progress in their career.


Costs shown are per participant for the full 4-day training course.

During the in-person training, WRC will provide lunch and refreshments but will not cover any travel or accommodation costs. 

(The programme's cost includes a special 20% off Launch Offer!) 


The training is delivered by two trainers: Evelina Svensson and Tebussum Rashid.

Evelina Svensson initiated the Feminist Leadership Training Programme for Women’s Resource Centre in 2017 and was, until recently, Women Resource Centre’s Development Manager. Together with Tebussum, Evelina designed the FLT programme, delivered to over 800 participants worldwide since its launch in 2018. Evelina is now a freelance trainer, project manager, strategist and fundraiser for WRC.

Tebussum Rashid has worked in the field for over 30 years and, until recently, was the Deputy CEO at Action for Race Equality. Tebussum designed the programme together with Evelina and has over 30 years of experience in training for voluntary and community organisations on topics including, but not limited to, unconscious bias, project management, strategy and fundraising.

Having two trainers with different experiences enables a less hierarchical and more collaborative setting with the participants. It also enables a safe, open and interactive atmosphere in the room. Evelina and Tebussum are personable and friendly yet structured and focused in their delivery. 

More information and contact

For more information about the training programme, please contact Evelina at WRC at [email protected]  or call 02076973450. 

"It was one of the most valuable, enriching, affirming and comprehensive training programmes I have ever attended. I gained so much from every session, from the trainers, the other course participants and the thinking it prompted in between sessions."

(Participant of 3-day FLT in 2023)