This Shadow Report focuses on the relationship between the UK government, and its commitments and obligations under the Convention, and the women’s NGO sector.

Women’s NGOs are key actors in eliminating discrimination against women and promoting
gender equality. Women’s NGOs are essential to the implementation of the Convention, in both
their front-line work and through their campaigning and lobbying activism, and have made
significant contributions to changing and transforming legislation, policy and public perceptions.
Advocating on behalf of service users remains an important function of the women’s sector.
With low levels of representation of women in public life, the women’s NGO sector is one of the
main mechanisms by which women’s needs, experiences and aspirations are voiced to
Government. However, women’s NGOs are facing the worst funding crisis in recent history and
the sector’s sustainability is seriously undermined.

The intention of this Shadow Report is to bring the key issues affecting the women’s NGO
sector to the attention of CEDAW.


What is CEDAW?