1. Embracing emotional intelligence: Understand its importance in leadership and personal growth. 

  1. Valuing interactive and supportive environments: Dive into the interactions and breakout sessions that encourage sharing and learning from diverse experiences. 

  1. Facilitator excellence: Appreciate the skilled facilitators who encouraged participation, paced the sessions well, and fostered a supportive atmosphere. 

  1. Empowerment through feminist leadership: Take time to reflect on your own personal leadership values and the significance of feminist leadership principles. 

  1. Effective conflict resolution tool - The 3 Rs: There’s practical value in the 3 Rs framework for conflict resolution. 

  1. There’s always scope to enhance presentation skills: Would wish for more focus on presentation and pitching, particularly perfecting the elevator pitch for concise and impactful communication. 

  1. Highly applicable resources for use at work: The course materials were extremely useful, especially the traits of a feminist organisation. I shared them with colleagues for practical application at work. 

  1. Reflecting on inspirational figures: Activities exploring inspiring figures and their influence, added personal depth to leadership reflections. 

  1. Building relationships and learning from peers: Recognise the importance of peer learning and the wisdom gained from diverse perspectives within the group. 

  1. Embracing the value of continuous learning and development: The 6-week packed program exceeded my expectations. It was filled with valuable information and activities. 

Idu's Top 10 encapsulates her positive experiences, key lessons, and areas for more development, providing insights into the impactful nature of the Feminist Leadership Training programme and its potential benefits for future participants. 

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