My time with the Feminist Leadership Training Programme was more than I expected. I was curious about emotional intelligence, and what followed was a mix of learning and sharing that truly changed how I see leadership. 

The trainers were really good. They made it easy for us to talk and share our thoughts. We learned about feminist leadership and how it connects with being a good leader. What really stood out was the way they explained things - it made sense and felt important. 

One really helpful thing I learned was a way to solve problems called the 3 Rs. It was like a guide to look at issues in a new way and find solutions. It's something I know I’ll use a lot. 

While the training was great, I wished we had more time to work on making better presentations, especially a quick pitch. That could be really helpful in talking about ideas clearly and quickly. 

The course made me think a lot about the leader I want to be. We talked about inspiring people and what a feminist organisation looks like. It made me understand more about being a leader. 

But what made it even better was meeting other people like me. We shared stories and learned from each other. It felt like a boost for my work and skills. I think it's one of the best parts – knowing there are others on a similar journey. 

Overall, the six weeks of training was like a lightbulb moment. It changed how I see leadership, pushing me to be a leader who cares about everyone. It gave me tools to be a better leader - one who listens and supports others. I feel more confident about my leadership style now and feel inspired to apply what I've learned in my work.