This is a Feminist Leadership training programme that shifted my growth and reignited my passion on my feminist journey. 

I stumbled upon the WRC course through a friend. What drew me in was the chance to learn in a virtual setting at no cost and the flexibility it offered with scheduling. I was seeking both community and scientific frameworks to reignite my passion for feminism, and this course seemed like the perfect fit. 

The programme was led by Tebussum and Inderjit, who were incredible. They treated us as equals and created a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. The sessions were structured, but we had space for discussions, adapting the course to our needs. It was a refreshing experience rooted in black and brown feminist thought, which made the learning very practical and real. 

This programme impacted me both personally and professionally. I found the concepts we discussed were directly relatable to my everyday life. It guided me in growing my knowledge about feminism, boosting my self-confidence/awareness, and how I will continue to navigate and challenge power structures. 

One big 'Aha!' moment for me was realising that, as an activist, I'd been neglecting self-care for years, thinking rest meant surrendering to patriarchal violence. The training made me re-acknowledge and celebrate the feminist leader in me. It made me advocate for radical self-care while challenging power structures. 

It helped me reframe my approach to activism, dealing with imposter syndrome, managing resources, resisting patriarchal hostility, and resolving conflicts at work. But most importantly, it taught me to embrace my vulnerabilities, allowing honest sharing of struggles in our diverse cohort. 

Although the programme was fantastic, I felt that more time could have allowed us to delve deeper into the wealth of resources offered by WRC. Extending the hours would have let us explore even more valuable feminist insights. 

Overall, the training was enriching, prompting growth both personally and professionally. It made me reflect deeply on feminist principles and how to apply them in my life and work. It was like being doused in a fountain of feminist and development knowledge, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and with a renewed sense of the feminist leader inside of me.