Women’s voluntary and community organisations are a cornerstone for sustainable and stable communities, and are crucial to the advancement of equality and women’s rights.

Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) is a national charity committed to working towards human-rights by supporting and understanding small specialist women’s groups and charities. Through delivering programmes, creating networking opportunities and by campaigning and influencing decision-makers, the work that WRC does is essential to ensure a diverse and thriving sector that achieves the best outcomes for women.

In our survey into the effect of Covid-19 on the UK Women's Sector, Black and minoritised women’s organisations reported markedly more demand than other organisations in the following areas: emergency basic services; refuge beds; enquiries/signposting and mental health support. 58% of all organisations who completed the survey are a bit or very worried about surviving this crisis. 14% reported being very worried. 

WRC is pleased to be able to support the Black and minoritised led-by and for women’s sector (charities and groups that exist to support women) who have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19 with the core grants it needs to deliver critical services at this time. As an Intermediary Partner to Comic Relief, we are delighted to announce that the following organisations have received £5,000 core grants to support their vital work.


Caring and Sharing Rochdale 

Cassandra Centre

Chinese Women In Peterborough

Dagenham Bangladeshi Women & Children 

Dalmar Heritage and Family Development

Hawa Trust Limited 

Inspiring Women Network CIC

ItsHerstory CIC

Nyasa Daughters of Nottingham


Precious Gems


Saathi House


Sandwell African Women's Association

Severn Angels Housing & Support

Sikh Women's Aid

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

Women and Digital Inclusion CIC

Women in Development Enterprise

Women With Wings CIC

Applications for £10,000 grants are now open until 1st October 2021. Find the full guidance on how to apply here.