In March 2019, the CEDAW Committee published a set of recommendations on how the UK could better protect and promote women's rights. The UK and devolved governments have until 2023 to implement these recommendations before they must report back to the UN on progress made, although three overarching recommendations and one surrounding Brexit must be reported on in 2021.

Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) are monitoring the progress that the Government is making towards those recommendations that have a direct impact upon women’s organisations. This report focuses on the following five key areas, which are relative to the CEDAW recommendations:

1. Equality Act (2010) and Single Sex Exemption
2. Commissioning specialised services for women who are victims of gender-based violence
3. Mitigating the disproportionate impact of austerity upon women
4. Mitigating potential disproportional economic impact of Brexit upon women
5. Ensure availability of specialist services to assist women/girls in exiting

This report is prepared by Dr Louise Harvey-Golding and Dr Sue Robson, Associate Researchers.


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