UPDATE - Saturday 18th April 2020

 In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are taking matters into our own hands. From today, all donations to our Pay Back the Tampon Tax campaign will go to the Mama Health & Poverty Partnership in Manchester. The money raised will provide immediate support for women in destitution, without food or electricity. 

If the Tampon Tax fund was distributed solely to specialist women's charities, all of the money would be going to women who need it most.


In 2015, the money collected from VAT on period products known as the Tampon Tax was pledged for women’s health and support charities.

At WRC we want to see a spending review referring to ring-fenced funding for women’s specialist charities as promised. Join us in calling on the Government to honour their promise and pay back the Tampon Tax to women’s charities.     

Women’s charities and local women’s groups give women a lifeline, and are able to reach women that nobody else can.

One anonymous service user said:

“No one knows what I have gone through - I'm very good at faking that I am fine, but here I found that hope that I can go further. I think that these women's charities make miracles, saving other people’s lives. It's wonderful - not everyone can do this.”

  It is time to take action. 

Our goal is to raise £9,000 to promote the Tampon Tax campaign, and activate and enable other women’s organisations in holding the Government and local MPs to account.

We are creating a campaign toolkit including template letters for contacting local media and MPs about the Tampon Tax Fund, paying for campaign and policy support and providing a single point of contact for women’s organisations who want to get involved, and seeking expert legal advice on developing and progressing our campaign.

Through donating to our Pay Back the Tampon Tax Campaign, you will help us to continue our work to establish a ring-fenced fund for the women's sector. 

Donations to #PayBackTheTamponTax will go towards promoting the campaign and will enable other women's organisations in holding the Government and local MPs to account. 


Want to know more about the campaign? Click the link below.