What is this crowdfund raising money for?     

In November 2015, the UK Government pledged that money collected from VAT on period products, known as the Tampon Tax, would go to women’s health and support charities. Instead, most of that money has been awarded to other charities that are not focused on women’s health and support, and women’s charities are missing out on money that was pledged for them as a result.

WRC’s Pay Back the Tampon Tax to Women’s Charities’ campaign will ensure that the Government honours its promise to award the Tampon Tax Fund to dedicated women’s charities.

What will you do with the money?            

The crowdfund will help WRC to pay for the creation of a campaign toolkit including template letters for contacting local media and MPs about the Tampon Tax Fund, paying for campaign and policy support and providing a single point of contact for women’s organisations who want to get involved, and seeking expert legal advice on developing and progressing our campaign.

We also plan to host a roadshow of events to support women’s organisations, and work with organisations in different UK cities who will promote the campaign in their areas.

What is the intended outcome?  

WRC’s Tampon Tax campaign began with the launch of a change.org petition, calling for the UK Government to pay back the Tampon Tax fund to dedicated women’s health and support charities and organisations. We are now seeking £9,000 to help us carry out the necessary activities to bring this campaign to life, enabling those who could be eligible to receive a cut of the Tampon Tax fund, and anyone who supports them, to hold the Government accountable to their promises.

How much is being raised?

We are seeking £9,000 in donations. Any over-funding will go towards a roadshow that will travel the country, helping WRC to engage with local charities and organisations, helping them understand how they could be benefitting from the Tampon Tax fund, and how WRC’s campaign can be promoted in their areas.

Who can donate?

Anybody over the age of 18 can donate, and please tick the Gift Aid box if you are a UK taxpayer.

How can I donate?

You can donate to the Tampon Tax crowdfund on our website here. We accept donations from via credit or debit card, which can be a one time or regular donation. If you would like to make a donation in cash or by cheque to Women’s Resource Centre - Tampon Tax, United House, North Road, London, N7 9DP.

Why are WRC the right organisation to carry out this campaign?

Women’s Resource Centre is the leading national support organisation for the women’s sector in the UK, working towards linking all aspects of the inequality women and girls experience. WRC’s work benefits the membership of the wider women’s sector, and supporting this campaign is a way to support all women’s charities rather than choosing just one. WRC is grounded in principles of feminism, ensuring that all women - not just certain groups - have their rights respected.

For more information on our work, visit our website

I’ve already donated to WRC. Why should I pledge again?

Donations are a personal decision and choice. Whilst money donated to WRC as a whole funds our projects and support for women and girls and the charities and organisations that provide services for them, donations to the Tampon Tax campaign go specifically to this project. 

Money raised for the Tampon Tax campaign will help our work to hold the Government accountable to its promise that the Tampon Tax fund will go to dedicated women’s health and support charities. You are not obliged to donate to WRC and the Tampon Tax campaign separately, but this campaign will also be in support of women and girls and the charities and organisations that provide services for them, who could be eligible for a cut of this Government fund.

How can we keep up to date with developments?       

You can follow WRC on Twitter @whywomen, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn. Or you can sign up to our regular newsletter here.

What’s the return on investment for pledgers?

The crowdfund is donation based, not rewards based. Your donation will be gratefully received by WRC and the women’s charities and organisations that we support. At this stage, there will be no return on investment, but we will be keeping contributors up to date with our progress during and after the campaign.

Are there any fees? 

WRC is a registered charity (number 1070606) and is therefore exempt from tax payments on donations, and if you are a UK taxpayer, we can claim Gift Aid which means we are able to claim an extra 25% on donations made to the charity, at no cost to you. Running this campaign through our own website means we will not need to pay a third party platform any hosting fees, meaning that 100% of your kind donation will go straight to the Tampon Tax campaign.

What is the minimum/maximum I can invest?

There is no minimum or maximum donation size, and all donations of any size are very much appreciated.

How long is the crowdfund running for?

The crowdfund will be live until we have gained the £9,000 that is needed to provide to create the campaign materials and resources, and mobilise the charities and organisations who could be benefitting from the Tampon Tax fund in order to build a critical mass and get a response from the UK Government on our demands.

What happens if your crowdfund is not successful?

By running this crowdfund campaign ourselves, we are not limited by the time constraints of third party platforms. This means that we can run the crowdfund until we reach our goal of £9,000. However, we see this as an urgent issue, and anything raised, even if it is below our target, will be used to fund the Tampon Tax campaign as far as possible.

Is my donation eligible for Gift Aid?

Yes, as a registered charity, all donations to WRC made by UK taxpayers are eligible for Gift Aid.

Can I pledge from outside of the UK?

Yes, you can donate from anywhere in the world, but Gift Aid can only be claimed on donations made by UK taxpayers.

Why does WRC want to Tampon Tax fund distributed to charities rather than abolished?

Obviously, we don’t think women should have to pay VAT on items that are necessary, but this money has been collected for decades and the Government has - we estimate - collected over £700 million from women and girls through this tax. So, we believe that whilst we support the end of this tax on women, the money that has been and continues to be raised should go to supporting the needs of the poorest and most marginalised women in society.