Dear Fat Girl: You Are Not Broken by Charlynne Bryan

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  • Book title: Dear Fat Girl: You Are Not Broken
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  • 61 pages
  • Paperback
  • Self-published February 2019
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'Dear Fat Girl: You Are Not Broken' contains a selection of poems about reflecting on who you are, challenging norms, self-love and acceptance. This book of poetry takes you on a journey through fragile emotions, low lows and high highs.

'Dear Fat Girl: You Are Not Broken' is a collection of soul-searing poetry. The poems in this collection cut deep, leave you breathless and make you want for more. After reading this book, you will understand that you are more powerful than you ever thought possible and have always been.


"The words in Charlynne's poems speak directly to you. My favourite poems in the book are REAL women, This girl can and Becoming. Her words encourage you to believe in yourself. They empower you to strive towards the best version of yourself! Thank you." – Mavela

"What an amazing read, truly inspirational and a journey of emotions, struggles and finding your light. Thank you!" – Rabeya

"It was phenomenal! Such raw and beautiful content. Well done! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to delve in deeper into loving yourself in a world that seldom loves you. I liked every bit of it, and what I disliked about it was that it ended!" – Shamima