WRC hope to act as a role model within the women’s sector, as an organisation run on feminist principles and supporting other women’s organisations to live feminist values.

We work towards transformational and substantive equality for women. We achieve this through being a thought leader in the women’s sector, joining-up-the-dots of women’s inequality to push for empowerment its true sense: supporting women and women’s organisations to achieve their full potential.

The WRC team work tirelessly towards our vision and mission. We do so because we are all dedicated to protecting women’s human rights and see the possibility of a better and fairer society for women (and therefore everyone).

The majority of WRC’s work begins unfunded

Our work is led by what needs to happen, rather than what funding criteria is out there.

Our highly successful Women’s Leadership project grew from a passion for change, not from a fund. Our Pay Back the Tampon Tax campaign was born out of us simply not being able to stand by whilst women’s organisations were being denied what has been promised to them. The Women’s Commissioning and Support Unit began unfunded and went on to generate £1,453,076 for the organisations involved. WRC lead the production of the production and submission of the CEDAW shadow report to the UN.. Whilst vital to having an accurate picture of the scope of women’s human rights in the UK, this work is currently unfunded.

We do this all because we truly care.

A thriving women’s sector is the only way for us to protect women’s human rights.

We must maintain our unique position in the sector. A position from which we have a real-time, birds-eye view on both women’s rights in the UK and on the varied and vital work that women’s organisations are doing to protect them.

We nurture the women’s sector and the warrior women within it. Through donating to WRC, you will help us to nurture these organisations and help us stand up for all women’s rights through the breadth of work we do.

With your help, we can continue running training sessions, campaigning for social justice, building collaborations and partnerships and fostering change through collective voice. Your support is so valuable to us. In supporting WRC, you will will actively be supporting and protecting all women and girls’ right in the UK.

Thank you!

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