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In December 2018 we launched a report with Women’s Budget Group: Life-Changing and Life-Saving. Funding for the women’s sector. Click the link below to read it.

WBG & WRC Funding Report


Tracey works for Thrive Teesside and speaks out about the rising inequality and poverty in Stockton. She highlights the difficulty of getting their voices heard and a national level and th need for Local Authorise and National Government need to tackle the real issues facing people in the North East through investment and creation of employment opportunities.

In this video Tracey talks about her personal experiences of poverty and inequality. She speaks out about how it has affected her life and driven her need to fight injustice and to be positive role model to her children and grandchildren.

Diane lives in Stockton in the North East of England and is currently employed on a zero hour contract. She speaks out about the injustices that occur when employers abuse Zero Hour Contracts and how this has negatively impacted her financial situation and stability.

Thrive Teesside is an organisation based in Stockton in the North East of England which ultimately aims to lower the gap between the rich and the poor. They provide direct support for people living in poverty, and hope to empower marginalised and socially and financially excluded communities with the knowledge and tools to be able to take action for themselves. Thrive believe that the most effective way to do this is to fully engage with and listen to the experiences and ideas of those living in poverty.

Meet Shirley, who campaigns against women’s state pension inequality. She believes we will never have true equality until we have gender parity in parliament.