Women’s Leadership

Building on the success of the Women’s Leadership for Social Change programme, Women’s Resource Centre has developed a series of training modules on Feminist Leadership. These modules mix theory with practice and action learning elements and cover topics such as: feminism and leadership, the relationship between leadership and empowerment, organisational practices, unconscious bias, emotional intelligence, self-care, and project management.

Title: Feminist Leadership

Who’s it for: women staff members or volunteers within the voluntary and community sector and local authorities.


Feminism and Leadership – an introduction

In this module we will introduce feminism and intersectionality by a combination of theory and exercises where the participants will get an opportunity to discuss and explore different concepts and terms. We will also discuss leadership through various exercises and cover topics of what we associate with leaders, traditional assumptions of leadership, how to lead well and the relationship with feminism. We will also do a session on unconscious bias and how to interrupt such bias in the work place.

Emotional Intelligence and Self-care

Emotional Intelligence

This session will investigate the ‘four components’ of emotional intelligence through group work and self-reflection and analyse whether and how emotional intelligence is important to the feminist leader.


Burnout and exhaustion is a serious condition that mainly affects women. We will investigate what burnout is, its symptoms and what causes burnout at the workplace. We will thereafter consider measures, policies and procedures that the work place could take to prevent burnout to happen to their staff.

Feminist Best Practice – Part 1: Power Politics and Practice

This module investigates the context, values, organisational cultures and practices that are important to be aware of, consider and work with for the feminist leader. Through exercises and interactive challenges, we will consider ways for the feminist leader to challenge norms and to manage group dynamics and conflict.

We recommend that this module follows the completion of the modules “Feminist leadership – and introduction” and “Emotional Intelligence and Self-care”

Feminist Best Practice – Part 2: Participation, Pitching and Project Management to Achieve Transformative Change

This module will be focused on feminist voices. It will cover topics related to the art of articulation, clear messaging and influencing. It will also provide the participant with skills and tools for the effective management of projects for transformative change.

We recommend that this module follows the completion of “Feminist Best Practice – Part 1”

What we offer

Modules can be delivered as:

  • Stand-alone sessions
  • 1 day training
  • 2 day training
  • 1 day training + social action project*
  • 2 day training + social action project*

* Social action project

The social action project is an action learning element to the training. In addition to the training, participants are tasked with identifying a social issue they would like to address through a small-scale social action project. This is a great way of applying the learning into practice. This requires the participants to commit additional time to the programme. How much time will be discussed upon booking the training (an example could be every Monday afternoon for 4 weeks). The social action projects are a great way of applying leadership skills into practice and to create actual social change in the community.

What does our alumni say?

“Excellent training. So much to take in. Well presented and incredibly engaging. Incredibly informative. Fantastic energy and passion”

“For me personally – it has inspired me to act – that social change can happen with action and that I have the capacity to do that”

“I feel it will motivate and empower women to take leadership steps toward change”

“Confidence and ambition to take actions further and not sit on ideas. Belief that change is possible”

“I feel empowered to embark on the journey of creating social change”

“On a personal level this training has helped me immensely. I had lost a lot of confidence in myself for many reasons over the years. This course has lit a fire in my belly again. It has reminded me who I am, who I can be and what I can do. On a professional level I have so many ideas to go forward within our charity. This will hopefully involve our local community”

“My ability to see how I could exercise leadership through a feminist lens is so exciting. I will carry these methods/attitudes/skills into my work moving forward”

Interested? Contact us!

For more detail about the training and pricing, please contact Evelina Svensson on Evelina@wrc.org.uk or call us on 02076973450.