Our Work

Focus on Health

WRC has been working to address women’s health and inequalities across England and campaign for a health and social care system that meets the needs of all women and girls appropriately. WRC has been the lead partner of the Women’s Health and Equality Consortium since 2009.

Women Health & Equality Consortium

The Women’s Health and Equality Consortium (WHEC) is a partnership of women’s charity organisations, all of who share common goals of health and equality for girls and women. Through this, we are committed to reducing women and girls health inequalities by building the capacity of their own women’s organisations and thereby strengthening the voice of women at a national and local level.

Women Speak Out

The Women Speak Out! project is a digital film project working with women who have  experienced inequality, discrimination or marginalization. Our message is that women experience disadvantage in almost all areas of life, and women’s lives are getting worse across the board as they suffer most from cuts to public spending. Click here for more information.