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Southall Black Sisters No Recourse Fund

In recognition of the plight of hundreds of women and children in this situation, Southall Black Sisters have (with funds provided by London Councils and Oxfam) set up a small ‘last resort fund’ called the SBS No Recourse Fund.

The fund will be used to help accommodate and provide subsistence costs for a limited period for women who have experienced domestic violence and have insecure immigration status with no recourse to public funds. The funds will also be used to help women who are victims of  trafficking and prostitution.

The funds will be allocated in the following way:

  • Funds from London Councils will be used to cover emergency housing costs and living expenses for women and children in London
  • Funds from Oxfam will cover emergency housing and living expenses for women and children outside London.

Please note that the SBS No Recourse Fund is a last resort fund. The funds will only be open to non-governmental organisations. The overall funds available are severely limited and will only be provided where organisation give a commitment to assist women to pursue other avenues of financial assistance, including legal proceedings against local authorities. The No Recourse Funds will not be released if organisations fail, during the period of funding from SBS, to assist women to obtain alternative funding.

The No Recourse Fund will cover the costs of emergency accommodation and other basic living expenses to enable women and children to access places of safety such as a refuge pending more long-term arrangements for housing and living expenses. SBS can assist you through this process.

The fund will pay accommodation and subsistence costs of up to £30 per week for an adult and £10 per week for a child. Single women will be assisted for a maximum of 6 weeks. Women with children will be assisted for one week.

 “If you have been given permission to live in the UK, this permission may include the condition that you have ‘no recourse to public funds’. If so, you will not be able to claim most benefits, tax credits or housing assistance that are paid by the state.” UK Border Agency

Application Packs

Please contact SBS for an application pack, which sets out the criteria and conditions of eligibility in more detail. You can also download the application pack from the SBS website:


Please also feel free to contact SBS if you need advice and assistance in pursuing other sources of funding for women.

Please contact: Southall Black Sisters, SBS NO RECOURSE FUND, 21 Avenue Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3BL.