Women Speak Out: Safety & Justice


Rosie describes herself as “a young voice trying to find a voice between the silence through blogging, using poetry to express my thoughts and running towards recovery. One day, hoping to become a public speaker to share my experiences and raise awareness about the impact of bullying and abuse in schools; highlighting the lasting effects of PTSD on the individual and the family”.

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In order to support her family in the Philippines, Maria migrated to Saudi Arabia to work as a live-in-nanny for a family. Her employers subjected her to abuse and exploitation, even taking her to live in the UK against her will, making her a survivor of human trafficking.

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Ntombi is a dancer, musician, and asylum seeker who was trafficked to the UK from South Africa. Ntombia was arrested in the UK for using someone else’s identity to work as a live-in-carer; she felt this was the only option she had in order to end her homelessness and stop living on the streets.

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Megan is a survivor of rape. After the incident, Megan was left traumatised and relied on support services. However, she is unhappy with the way her case was dealt with. With failed police communication, Megan found out the result of her court case through a tabloid newspaper.

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Nadia works at the London School of Economics at the Gender Institute. Nadia recently finished their* Masters there in Gender, Policy and Inequality. Nadia has worked on numerous projects with Mind, Women in Prison and Fearless Futures who educate young girls on gender equality. Nadia had quite a turbulent childhood and witnessed domestic abuse and experienced psychological abuse from childhood to adolescence.

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Alexandra is a personal trainer with two beautiful children who runs her own business. She is also a survivor of domestic violence. In the past few years there have been major cuts made to Legal Aid, and the government has created stricter criteria in order to be eligible.  In the aftermath of divorcing her abusive husband, Alexandra has had to take out two loans totaling thousands of pounds to cover legal and court fees, as she was unable to receive Legal Aid.

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Goranka has been married for 22 years, sacrificing her own professional life for her family and her husband’s career. When he left, the court ordered him to pay to her spousal maintenance. He paid only 5 months, and then he stopped. Since then Goranka has been representing herself in court – having spent all the money she had on the first trial – as she was not entitled to receive any Legal Aid.

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