Women Speak Out: Economy


Sophie is an art practitioner and writer. In the last 15 years she has received the Independent Living Fund (ILF) with which she can afford different and fairly paid carers who help her with imperative daily tasks that she is not able to do herself. Without the ILF, she wouldn’t be able to work, cultivate interests, and take any part in public life.

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Shirley is a chartered psychologist and a retired university lecturer. She has been left feeling dis-empowered by the changes made to the State Pensions Age (SPA). Like many women, she did not receive a reasonable notification period regarding the changes made to her pension and therefore did not have time to prepare and plan for the adjustments.

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Elaine is a mother and grandmother from Bexley, London. She works hard as a midwife and really enjoys it. However, Elaine is one of the many women in the UK affected by the housing crisis. There is a chronic housing shortage in the UK and though the government is prioritising building so-called ‘affordable’ housing, it is not affordable for most families.

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Eleanor is a trainer and advocate for disabled women’s rights. After having lived abroad in France and the US for several years, she came back to the UK for a job. She co-founded Sisters of Frida to help disabled women who face daily barriers

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Kerri is a young woman who left university after losing her mother when she was 21. Since the death of her mother, Kerri has acted as a carer for her young sister.  As a result of this turbulent time, Kerri experienced 8 months of unemployment.

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