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About this Event

Investigating and exploring what makes a successful leader and a feminist leader of social change, this 1-day training will explore topics related to power, organisational cultures and structures, the relationship between leadership and empowerment, self-care and emotional intelligence.

Who’s it for?

This training is for women staff members or volunteers in the voluntary and community sectors and local authorities.

What’s it about?

The training offers an exciting mix of theory and practice. Real life experiences and examples are interwoven throughout the day, providing the participant with knowledge, skills and tools to become a feminist leader.

Feminism, Intersectionality and Leadership

We will introduce feminism and intersectionality by a combination of theory and exercises where the participants will get an opportunity to discuss and explore different concepts and terms. We will also discuss leadership through various exercises and cover topics related to leadership, e.g. what do we associate with leadership, what are leadership skills, do women lead differently, the relationship between power and leadership, and the relationship between leadership and feminism.

Unconscious Bias

In this session we will explore the concept ‘unconscious bias’. Through interactive exercises and scenarios, we will explore the way an unconscious bias can affect the work place and how to interrupt such bias.

Emotional Intelligence

This session will investigate the ‘four components’ of emotional intelligence through group work and self-reflection and analyse whether and how emotional intelligence is important to the feminist leader.

Burnout: Signs, Causes and Prevention

Burnout and exhaustion is a serious condition that mainly affects women. We will investigate what burnout is, its symptoms and what causes burnout at the workplace. We will thereafter consider measures, policies and procedures that the work place could take to prevent burnout to happen to their staff.

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What does our alumni say?

"My ability to see how I could exercise leadership through a feminist lens is so exciting. I will carry these methods/attitudes/skills into my work moving forward."

"Excellent training. So much to take in. Well presented and incredibly engaging. Incredibly informative. Fantastic energy and passion"

"It was fantastic. Very supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Lots of practical tools that are useful and relevant. Has impacted how I'll think about and approach my team in terms of our direction. I also feel good - which is important"



WRC expects participants to:

  • Respect this training to be women-only.
  • Respect the other participants and WRC staff/associates, treat everyone fairly and without prejudice or discrimination
  • Be an active listener to other participants' stories
  • Respect and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the other participants
  • Encourage other participants to speak and contribute to discussions
  • Respect the confidentiality in the room - share the learning but not the person
  • Never engage in patronising, abusive, threatening or intrusive behaviour


WRC reserves the right to refuse entry and admission to anyone who is in breach of the above Terms and Conditions. WRC reserves the right to cease a participants involvement if in breach of the above Terms and Conditions (prior or during event).