WRC delivered our Feminist Leadership training to to over 50 women around the UK at the beginning of 2020. The training was delivered in London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Belfast. 

Following completion of the training, each group undertook a small-scale social action project. Given the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the social action project took very different forms. The groups showed great initiative and creativity in adapting their projects to the new circumstances. 

The Social Action Projects

London Cohort

The London group created a podcast and a blog post on COVID-19 and its impact on women and poverty. The blog can be read and podcast listened to here!

Glasgow Cohort

The Glasgow group created a series of blog posts on feminism and anti-racism during COVID-19. The blogs will be published from 17 August to 24 August. 

Newcastle Cohort - Women's Empowerment Toolbox

The Newcastle group created a toolbox with a rich variety of exercises and tools for training on well-being and increased confidence. The toolbox will be launched shortly and available to download here.

Manchester Cohort

The Manchester group created a booklet on women's health, specifically aimed at workplaces. The booklet will be published shortly and available to download here.

Belfast Cohort - Women's Stories and Perspectives on the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Belfast group created a blog series on women's perspectives and experiences on COVID-19. The blogs can be read here.