Are you thinking about working in partnership with other organisations or are you interested in knowing more about partnership work? Then this training is for you! 

Who's it for?

Organisations that are already in a partnership or have a partnership in mind. 

What's it about?

This session will provide guidance on how and why organisations may want to work in partnership and on how to identify potential partnerships as well as learning about what makes successful partnerships. The course has a very practical focus and will enable participants to explore some of the challenges that may arise from partnership working. 

This course also offers a range of tools for successful partnerships. 

What will I take away? 

  • Practical tips for creating meaningful partnerships 
  • Understanding how partnerships work 
  • Templates and tools for partnership working. 

Duration and style

Duration: 2 hours

Style: interactive webinar

Webinar etiquette:

  • Participants will arrive via the waiting room
  • Gallery style webinar with audio and live visual or still photo
  • Event is being recorded so anonymise your profile if you don’t want to be seen at the event
  • After a brief introduction, participants will be invited to introduce themselves in one sentence
  • Participants will be asked to mute when not speaking or presenting
  • Ask questions at scheduled points and/or use the Chat facility
  • Towards the end the faciliatator will ask women by name to unmute to make points or offer additional ideas/learning.


This training is delivered by Dionne Nelson.  


This course is funded for women's organisations and projects in London. London attendees are given priority due to strict funder requirements. We will allow out of London participants providing there is space on the training course/event. 

This course is funded by London Councils and Civil Society Roots Fund (GLA).

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