The Women’s Leadership Program is a unique project developed to empower women at differing life stages:

  • Women who are outside the labour market and need to develop skills and confidence to enter into employment so they can gain financial independence.
  • Women who have started in employment and want to take the next steps.
  • Women who have progressed their career but wish to influence their working environment and provide support to other women through networks and mentoring.


The Women’s Resource Centre, through its work across the UK, has a strong understanding of the economic situation faced by women and the barriers and challenges facing those who wantto become economically active. Through this, WRC has identified the lack of support for women across the range of economic and social situations to gain the skills and confidence to enter the labour market, build strong networks, influence their working situations and learn from and collaborate with other women who they would not normally meet either professionally or socially.

The project has three levels:

  • Level 1 is for women who are furthest from the labour market; women who are living in poverty, who may have experienced violence, and who face multiple forms of discrimination and barriers to entering employment. Women will gain skills in interviews, literacy, language, financial literacy and IT skills while participating in self-development workshops to increase their confidence and interpersonal skills.
  • Level 2 is for women who are moving into work, or who are already in work and looking to progress; the focus is on empowerment through confidence and developmental strategies to unlock one’s skills.
  • Level 3 is for women who are already in positions of power in organisations across different sectors. This level is aimed at helping women influence the working environment and culture of their organisation to make it easier for women to work there and further progress their careers.


  • Women have the confidence and skills to enter into employment.
  • Women will gain financial independence through employment.
  • Women are connected across a range of economic situations, providing opportunities to build support networks, create role models and develop mentoring relationships.
  • Women across the range of economic and social situations can gain a stronger understanding of each other’s situation.
  • Women are able to influence the working practices and conditions of their job to make it more suitable for them and for other women.
  • Our vision is of women coming together to find new ways of working; ways that value collaboration, communication and empathy and that promote the triple bottom line of social, financial and environmental responsibility.

For more information please contact us on Telephone: 0207 697 3450 or Emailconsultancy@wrc.org.uk.