WRC is the leading national umbrella organisation for the women’s sector. The WRC membership and networks include predominantly small local specialist women’s organisations and therefore WRC needs to always be relevant to their needs with a particular focus on intersectionality.

WRC strives to give voice to the most marginalised and disadvantaged organisations and is working towards transformational and substantive equality for women, joining-up-the-dots of women’s inequality to push for empowerment in its true sense by supporting women and women’s organisations to achieve their full potential.

WRC is also relevant to wider audiences such as individual women, students, voluntary and community organisations, funders, local and national government bodies, journalists, unions and larger charitable organisations that manage projects related to women.


Feminism, sustainability, collaboration, professionalism, equality and integrity


All women are empowered and have substantive equality


Supporting and standing up for a diverse and thriving women’s sector