The London VAWG Consortium is the largest coalition of specialist VAWG providers working across the 32 London boroughs.

In total, the 28 members of the Consortium contribute millions of pounds of jobs and services each year to London communities, including Ascent, the Consortium’s anchor project, delivered on behalf of London Councils. Ascent is delivered by Consortium members through a sophisticated collaboration with an established track record over six years, winning funding for a second-term after four years.

During 2017-2019, Ascent worked with over 60,000 women and children with a satisfaction rate of 90% or more. More than 60% of service users are from BAMER communities with a further 15% from white, non-British communities. Ascent also worked with more than 440 organisations that support VAWG survivors.

Key activities include telephone helplines, 1-2-1 advice and support, counselling sessions, specialist refuge accommodation and training and events for organisations working with VAWG survivors; in addition, preventative work takes place with schools and young people and to end harmful practices. Ascent consistently achieves 90% or more RAG rating, the performance standard used by London Councils.

Ascent includes:

  • Advice and Counselling - Lead: Solace Women's Aid
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence Helplines - Lead: Women's Aid
  • Ending Harmful Practices - Lead: Asian Women's Resource Centre
  • Prevention - Lead: Tender Education and Arts
  • Specialist Refuge Services - Lead: Ashiana Network
  • Support Services to Organisations - Lead: Women's Resource Centre

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The London VAWG Consortium has received support from London Councils, City Bridge Trust, The Cranfield Trust, The Greater London Authority, The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime and Rosa