Thanks to your positive response to our callout, we are excited to start a Network for Black Women Leaders. This will be a safe space for women of African descent and African diaspora women to strengthen and grow our individual distinctive leadership style. 

Patricia, Rosemarie and I (Dionne, Deputy CEO of WRC) have been discussing our experiences and encounters with those who try to dampen spirits, query intellect, appropriate ideas or shut down and ignore viewpoints all in an attempt to throw us of track.  This led us to the idea – we need some ‘Real Talk’ before launching into other vital aspects of the network. 

Share our journey, speak our truth.

Join us on Thursday 27th August between 4:30pm – 6:30pm where we will be sharing the results of the survey, expanding our knowledge of racialised arrangements used to silence and conversate – ‘Real Talk’.  

Just Be. Be unapologetic, Be open, Be honest!


Understanding  purpose and objectives for the network

Frame experiences within the context of racialised arrangements

Unite in Sistah-hood